Black History Bike Ride Challenge

To promote the launch of our new website and raise money for our mission, we’re hosting a month-long route challenge with Ride Spot.

We invite you to join Ride Spot and complete the BHBR route between Feb 1st and Feb 28th to help raise awareness and raise funds for Black History Bike Ride. Our goal is to have 500 riders complete the route in February. If we can achieve our goal , we’ll receive a generous donation from SRAM that will enable us to improve BHBR in Austin and create similar routes in other cities.

Our mission at BHBR is to present BIPOC history to the masses through fun adventures on a bike. Together we can create a more informed community and go on some great bike rides. The first Black History Bike Ride occurred on June 14th in Austin TX, with over 400 riders that attended after Talib’s social media posts went viral. Due to Covid-19 concerns, we’re not holding any large rides until it is deemed safe, so this Challenge is our way of encouraging you all to ride the route this month.

Thanks to the generosity of our Austin community, we have gathered donations to make the website and begin promoting the experience. Our hope is to bring this resource to more cities outside of Austin, so help us hit our goal!


It’s easy! We swear. On Ride Spot, just tap “Join” on this challenge, then tap “Share” to post or send to friends.

When you’re ready to ride:
1. Open the Ride Spot app
2. Go to “My Rides” > “Routes” to find the BHBR route
3. Tap “Start” to begin navigating and tracking your ride.

When you complete the route, be sure to hit “Stop” and “Save” to have your ride counted towards our goal.

Please share some photos of your ride! Use these tags: @blackhistorybikeride, @ride_spot and #blackhistorybikerideatx. Thank you :]

Note: If you track your ride using Ride Spot, it will automatically be counted as a completion. If you choose to track your ride using another platform, please send a link and/or pictures from your ride to to contribute your ride. Now let’s ride!

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